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 Ruth has a portable home-studio set up based around Logic pro, allowing her to make quality audio recordings from anywhere she might find herself in the world.

Whether the music requires some string improvisation, a structured arrangement, or simply reading the dots; Ruth works quickly and efficiently turning around quality recordings when time is tight.

Whatever the style of music, Ruth has the experience and flexibility to find that string sound required.

As a Violinist and Viola player Ruth can create a whole upper string section sound in one session. Should a cellist be required, London String Group has a plethora of top players on their books.

"Working with Ruth is an incredible experience, so easy on the one hand (I just sent the audio file), however, what came back from her remote session was utterly stunning. I cried when I heard Ruth’s live interpretation of my music" Matt Gooderson (Composer / Producer) 

For more information please get in touch.

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